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My 5yo broke Google Assistant’s brain (more timer issues)

I’ve given up reporting these to Google as I can tell them exactly what the issue is and how I can reproduce it at a neighbor’s or on a fresh set up system and the frontline people will respond with something helpful like “that’s Lenovo’s fault,” or “how about resetting your entire network, let’s try that first,” “oh we’re not going to try that could you give me the firmware version and serial number.”

Anyway, be aware of this if timers and alarms are part of your life. I’ve given up trying to get the Family Bell issues addressed and am going to just be setting up routines for announcements (betting I have more fun with that).

We had timers set on a Nest Home Hub in the kitchen for two things we were cooking. In the living room my 5yo asked me what I’d said and I told her I’d set a second timer. She walked over to another Google device and said “hey google, set a timer for 0 minutes”

2021 01 24 19.17.05 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

What followed was the screen pictured above, a 0 minute timer. It never goes off the screen. Never cycles to another anything.

It also cancelled all timers in the Home group it was in so I had to guess at when the food was done.

And then it killed my dog.

OK, not really, but it did cancel all timers and just sit at a 00 until my 7yo came over and swiped to get out of it. Beware your timers.

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