Technaxx TX-159 3-Port Car Charger, Portable Party Accessory review

Who hasn’t wanted a 3-port Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 capable 2.5Amp car charger with a light up disco light show at some point in their lives?

Technaxx TX-159 Portable Disco Light and 3-Port USB Car Charger with Quick Charge

Going to break this down into the two sections of this, much like the charger is designed to break apart into a separate base and a disco ball. We’ll start with the gimmick portion first.

TX-159 Disco Party review

The top of the unit that has the ball can be detached from the power adapter that goes into your car. It contains an 800mA internal battery to power the light and you can set it in the middle of a dark room with music playing, it responds to sound by changing the color or intensity of the light, a direction plate rotates internally and makes the landscape feel like there’s an old school disco ball being lit.

It’s something my kids find really neat to yell at. Then again they’d yell at a rock even if it didn’t respond.

It’s got a mic that seems pretty decent at hearing the room as opposed to just what is in front of it, the effects are usually reactions to the sound. I think you can also just set it to one thing and rotate but it’s not in front of me at the moment.

I personally found the disco portion next to useless in my car, or when there’s much light outside. Might be useful if you’re a night time party UBER. That said, my power adapter in my car also puts it in a not particularly great place to be seen.

Outside if you can mount it upside down in a tree or something you can have somewhat pretty lights on the ground, and it might be good for your kiddos to go to bed with it shining little stars on their ceilings as it can produce some quite pretty lights. They’ve got a product shot of it in a tent and … yeah, I’d like to see it in a party tent. I can get behind that.

It can be powered via the USB-C connection (guessing it’s a dual direction port,) so you don’t have to worry about the 800mAh battery running down if you have a longer than 4-hour use case for this.

There are three colors according to the manual. Colorblind old me thought he saw more in the eight range, but that may be due to the odd refraction.

My 7yo has something similar that’s just USB powered that she won for completing a project at school. They do have their uses.

The Technaxx TX-159 as a car charger

Ever been driving and using your phone to navigate and get to your location and your phone is more dead than it was when you put it on the charger? That does not happen with this one. At least not with only one device connected.

According to my battery monitor this thing topped out at +2337mA charging my phone (of course when I turn the screen on it drops to 1518) and for the past nearly month I’ve been using it regularly along with my new favorite car mount and whatever I do I get there with more charge in my phone than I left with.

Battery Monitor Widget on the Technaxx TX-159 Portable Disco Light and 3-Port USB Car Charger with Quick Charge

I cannot find the total power output specs on this, my guess is it’s probably 2.5A total out as if this managed to do 6.7amp (total listed across all ports,) I’d be extremely impressed and wonder why that wasn’t part of the advertising material.

My guess is, and unfortunately I’ve not managed to test this as car, driving, etc, make this a bit difficult. is the the total output is going to be 2.5amps across the entire unit, although each port lists different output amps. That said, it’s a fine 2.5amp charger with two additional ports.

Technaxx TX-159 Specs

(cut and pasted from the website)

  • Technical specifications:
  • Input power 12V/24V cigarette lighter socket or 5V/1A USB-C
  • USB output power DC 5V/2.1A
  • USB QC3.0 output power DC 5V/2.5A
  • DC 9V/2A
  • DC 12V/1.5A
  • USB-C output power DC 5V/2.1A
  • Battery / working time 800mAh / appr. 4h
  • LED 1W each (red, green, blue)

    Package contents:
  • Disco Mobile-Auto Charger TX-159, User manual

    Weight and Dimensions:
  • Weight device:
  • Dimension device (with cigarette plug): 74g / (L) 47 x (W) 47 x (H) 80mm ; (89g / (L) 47 x (W) 47 x (H) 137mm)


Powerful charger, am impressed with the number and types of ports, I think the disco ball is cute but I’m old and yeah. The price is currently the cost of a 3-port 60W charger unit plus about $9usd for the disco/battery. So determine your use case and if it works, it works.

You can grab a Technaxx TX-159 Car Charger at Amazon.

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