Twitter stock up 213% since start of pandemic

While some people have decided to leave Twitter in droves based on the Trump ban, and Twitter’s been booting some conspiracy groups for a while, it was reported that the stock price dropped 6% in a day which made quite a bit of news.

Some things to think about as CES is really not wowing me at the moment, so I’m looking at social network news. Will probably return to the regularly scheduled how-tos later.

If you look back December 9th Twitter stock was at 47.23 and as of today January 12th it’s at…47.04. In a month where Twitter stock went up for no evident reason is came down today to be half a percent lower price valuation.

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In other news, it’s a publicly traded company and investor dollars and interest and fears drive the narrative. It fell significantly harder on October 30th when it reported better than expected income, but fewer new users.

Looking back it looks like as a percentage it’s also dropped more in a day because someone sneezed.

Basically if you invested $10 in Twitter 1 year ago, you’d have a 43.8% gain today. If you invested $10 in twitter a month ago you’d have $9.96.

One day price swings and articles about them only benefit people selling short. And it’s been great for them.

Maybe it’ll be news soon, but call me when the price has been going down for a couple of weeks or gets below the start of the pandemic.

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