Starlink sending out preorder notifications

If you’ve been interested in moving away from terrestrial wired connections for your internet needs, or just are so far away from the grid you can’t get decent speeds, SpaceX’s Starlink internet service is going into preorder now.

Speeds are expected between 50 & 150mbit per second during the beta test phase, and new satellites are coming on on a fairly regular basis as they work to cover the globe and screw up long-exposure star photography for everyone.

You’ll have to pay $100 or so to get in on the ground floor with the preorder. The Starlink internet service is expected to open up sometime this year but an exact date isn’t around. The Starlink service is $100 a month, as well as a one time fee of $500 for the equipment.

Chances are you’re mostly in the market for this if you live in the middle of nowhere, or have an AirBnB by the lake that you’re trying to provide WiFi to. That or your livelihood depends on internet and you happen to own a generator as well.

Satellite has certainly been on my mind since the Christmas day AT&T bombing in Nashville that knocked out my ISP for a few days. However I’m not particularly enthused, while living in a well covered area, at a price tag that’s a multiple of what I’m paying for significantly faster, if bombable, terrestrial service.

I don’t see data limits listed, so this looks to be a different plan setup than what I’m familiar with with other satellite providers which tend to be pay by the gig.

Overall, my very strong opinion on this is: it’s a thing. It’s coming. That’s the price.

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Paul E King

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One thought on “Starlink sending out preorder notifications

  • February 25, 2021 at 6:03 am

    I live near Cambridge UK (latitude 52.22), and received the notification a few days ago. It cost me £90 (US$127 ish) including tax to put down a refundable deposit.

    I would have fibre to the house, but I live on the wrong side of the street, the other side do get it. So frustrating to be only 8m from a fibre splice node! It would cost me £6000 in the first year to get fibre for the installation with the high first years’s service charge, after that the price drops to sensible pricing of about £50/month for a 500M download service.

    The only operator to cover this area, BT (the national operator) want £92,000 to lay fibre to 155 houses in this part of the village, about £590 per house, or US$835. Snag is that some people are closer to the VDSL cabinet and get OK internet, those of us further away get crappy service, so only a fraction would want to pay for that, which would multiple the up front cost by a factor of at least three times… thus making it nearer £1800 per house if not £3000 per house, i.e. $2400 up to $4000.


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