The Roborock S7 Smart Vacuum with Sonic Mopping on sale now

I’ve been surprised by the Roborock S7. I’d done a preview of the S7 a couple of weeks back, and since then it’s been chugging along doing its cleaning thing, mapping out the house, and generally seeming better every day.

Roborock S7
Barbies and Black 3.0 are the only thing that the S7 has had issues with

The house smells cleaner, the non-carpeted floor which has been dingy-fied by a 5 & 7yo no longer has whatever particulate matter children strew about, and most noticeably my air filters for the HVAC system which generally are cleaned every 3 weeks barely have a coat of dust on them.

It astounds me how much dirt a devoted robot vacuum can suck up. Every day or two I’m emptying a full bin, and every couple of days cleaning the mop and refilling the water.

While there was an initial robo-proofing the house *hiding wires* it’s only gotten trapped once or twice during the time here, and the dock managed to somehow get turned facing a wall and I’ve got no idea how that happened. I generally have found that if I start the Roborock S7 it’s going to clean, and charge itself. No hunting room to room to figure out where it got stuck.

Roborock S7

That’s generally. One time it did manage to go into a kid’s room and get buried, but I found it with the app, which had the last known position within a couple of feet.

Overall, if you’re looking for a smart vacuum that can mop and vacuum without dragging a wet pad across carpet, you probably will not be disappointed.

Kim has already named her Rhonda, and said we shall keep her and buy googly eyes. Kim’s current favorite feature is picking up the S7, placing it in the room she wants cleaned, and it knowing where it is and just doing it. I’ve told her she can tell Google but she’s not been particularly inclined to get a third party involved in it.

The Roborock S7 goes on sale March 24, 2021 on Amazon, and will have an introductory price that’s lower than their future (month plus,) sale price.

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