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How to mentally break the Google Nest Hub

This is something my wife discovered, we’ve been able to replicate this on our Nest Hubs, but not the Lenovo Smart Display.

The quick any dirty of it is you can set a timer and get it stuck and no normal cancellation request will do. That’s it, I teach you how to break it and how to fix it. Yes, unplugging and plugging it back in fixes it also.

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Step 1) set timer for any amount – I suggest 5 seconds for your first attempt
Step 2) press stop/x/cancel when the timer is at 0
Step 3) there will be no way to clear the timer

Here are the results:

Here’s a quick 40 seconds of your life you’ll never get back showing you how to break it, and then how to fix it. I don’t think I included that you cannot clear the timer by asking it to clear timers, alarms, etc, but it will not clear under normal circumstances.

After you’ve got that timer on, the only way to remove it is to either reboot the device, or set another timer which will behave strangely.

Set a timer for two seconds. It will count down and at 0 just stall. Five to eight seconds later it will go off and after it clears, you’re back working again.

As noted, this only seems to work for me on the Nest Hubs. The Lenovo Smart display works like a champ. Your experience may vary. I have no idea what this can actually do other than it seemed to stick on the display.

2021 04 05 19.48.58 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

It may also mess with setting an alarm as I was unable to set one, but also did not know if setting an alarm for a few seconds from now was something that could be done in the first place. Timer def buggy.

I have reported to Google, they wanted to start diagnosing my device, I told them this was a bug report and that was the end of my involvement here.

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