A couple of neat health monitoring advances emerge

I’ve got a couple of things in my inbox that interested me over the past couple of days, these two are unrelated as a note.

If you’ve ever wanted to accurately monitor your blood pressure, a cuff device or a device that calibrates routinely with a cuff has been the way to go. Sorry, your random knockoff smartwatch most likely explained that the blood pressure was for amusement purposes only and not as a medical device, and that’s really truly been the case.

A study conducted by Valencell on reflection mode photoplethysmography and a cuffless finger sensor that does BP monitoring without continued cuff calibration concluded the device tested (also, probably by Valencell so take that as you will,) was close enough to cuff readings to accurately monitor blood pressure and predict hypertension.

So prepare to get accurate blood pressure readings the same way we got SPo2 readings on older Samsung Phones… little light sensor on your finger or in your watch.

Press release

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Light sensor for BP monitoring

Poorly timed invention announcement

You might have heard about this on SNL, but the age of injectable chips is here, coinciding with the age of people honestly believing Bill Gates is putting chips in Covid-19 vaccines. Smaller than a dust mite, capable of being injected, although the device does have to be powered externally and has no effective range.

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Injectable chips are here while people are freaking out about injectable chips

At that size you probably wouldn’t actually have to even bother injecting it – eat enough of ’em at one’s bound to get stuck.

You can read a little about injectables here. Pretty much at a proof of concept level now but in the next few years you might be able to eat a burrito and a few hours later have a detailed analysis on your smartphone of your digestive health.

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