Aukey and MPOW off Amazon for reasons

While they’re not completely gone from Amazon, you’ll find when searching the Aukey store that most of the products are unavailable, large blank spots in their Amazon stores showing nothing. Some product appears available from third party sellers, but it’s scarce.

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The reason appears to be that Amazon has suspended the brands Aukey, Mpow, Tacklife, Austor, Vtin, and several others for posting hundreds of thousands of fake positive reviews.

We’ve covered Aukey in the past, looks like about 11 items total. They’ve generally been good, did what they said. Not a whole lot to rave about when you’re reviewing a wall charger or Bluetooth to 1/8th inch adapter though.

It appears that the reason comes on the heels of a purge of thousands of fake reviews on these brand’s products, just going to show that you can post hundreds of thousands of fake reviews and you’ll eventually years and years later have Amazon take some sort of action against you.

Larger list of suspended brands and charts showing how many reviews deleted on some items in the link below.

No idea on whether they’ll be reinstated sans fake reviews, whether it’s a mistake (probably not,) or what.

[Marketplace Pulse]
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3 thoughts on “Aukey and MPOW off Amazon for reasons

  • Well, well… they’re not available in the German Amazon either…

  • Funny thing is that Mpow doesn’t even need to fake reviews in my opinion. I have wireless earbuds and a bluetooth transmitter that I really like.

    • Neither Aukey nor Mpow need ’em as far as I know. Both make products that do what they say and while not exciting, really what is in consumer electronics?

      Yeah, it’s surprising.


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