Dreame Bot L10 Pro vacuum on presale now – $30 off

Sorry gang, I was supposed to let you know on the 8th about the pre-sale of the Dreame Bot L10 Pro with an updated video and updated review, but man playing catch up this week.

TL;DR on updates – surprisingly good at keeping untrapped, pulls a LOT more dirt out of the carpet than it should be able to after a plug-in vacuum has been there. Still only works with Alexa or the app but here’s hoping. I dig it.

OK, the Dreame Bot L10 Pro is $30 off with promo code DREAMETECHL10 on Ebay until May 22nd which will get you an extremely powerful vacuum and mop combo bot that thus far wins my kid’s obstacle battle of the robots, the suction power battle, but not the mopping/all around battle.

It will be available on Amazon (tagged link, we would get a commission) on May 20th, which might be my birthday so you could buy it there and I might get 3-6% commission or something. Or not.

I will note I get no compensation for either the review or sales of this on Ebay, and I’m not going to sell out for $20 in potential Amazon commissions. I do however keep the robot hockey puck and keep my upstairs clean. If you have any questions or wish for me to do a particular test on this unit and film it, comment below. I’ll do it unless it involves danger to my house or a very obvious me cleaning up situation.

As stated in my review, this type of mop bot doesn’t really work for my mopping uses (there’s carpet or a rug every 2 feet it seems in this house, it works well in the kitchen,) but vacuuming, man it absolutely kills in a very short amount of time.

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