Google Assistant Broadcast adds terrible feature

Broadcast is great. If you’ve got a Google Home, Nest Home, Nest Hub, Assistant-Enabled device, or whatever they’re calling it this week it’s absolutely useful for getting your family coordinated and moving in the morning.

Family broadcast on mobile part 21 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Hey Google, Broadcast “time to get up people, let’s get moving!” is one of my go to speeches for the morning while I’m trying to make some kiddo lunch in the kitchen and get the lazies moving.

But it got an astoundingly abusable feature added – the ability to broadcast to phones, which means when your kiddo is sick at home and decides to broadcast, your meeting is quite possibly going to get interrupted by farting noises.

According to the Google Blog the message will even blast out on family iPhones if the assistant is installed there.

“Hey Google Broadcast Karen, is your meeting with your horrible boss over yet?” let’s see how long this takes to get abused.

There still exists no point to point walkie-talkie feature, which would make the Home/Nest/Hub/Whatever insanely more useful for larger homes, or just trying to communicate floor to floor. Oh well.

[Google Blog]
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