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Google I/O – Day 1 TL;DR

Photos is getting better, although half of the announcements have been out for a bit. Big additions to skip certain people, exes, and times.

More under the hood learning stuff for voice recognition, natural language processing, and things ending in -flop.

New design that can match icon colors and things to your wallpaper.

More and more amazing features in Google Meet that make it the absolute best product that everyone knows will be abandoned by Google so few will adopt.

A quick select button to turn the camera and microphone off so your stupid pop the bubble game stops sending data about you to an ad farm while you’re talking about Buicks.

Better permissions manager.

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Pretty launcher with light billowing out from where things are launched (just looks cool)

Blobs of goop will now sing with you. The only way to ever be free from them is to locate the chip, which this person appears to be signaling is in her hands. Let’s hope she’s ok.

image 27 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

They’re working on an error correcting quantum computer and it’s fast. Some more on federated learning. Translating the web.

Project Starline may have been announced, which is where a highly detailed model of you is made and sent via video chat so that there’s a model on the receiver’s device and moves as you move. It’s a scan of you, 100x less data. This may not have been announced, I had to get coffee and am going by the web page.

Pretty sure I read a book about that and a band that did Ouabi music (simple as I recall,) who were eventually scanned and a music company produced garbage poppy versions of their songs.

Better maps including eco friendly routes, less danger, being able to see if something’s accessible.

Identifying skin conditions with your cell phone.

Yadda yadda yadda

Actually some pretty neat announcements. Feels like Google’s had a year of innovating and we’ll be seeing some pretty cool little features coming out soon.

Here’s the list of articles for day 1 (day 2 & 3 will probably also show here when they air)

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