I picked up a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, here’s the first week

I’ve mentioned before I’ve been looking at a somewhat more powerful tablet. I’ve been more of a power phone guy, and had been quite happy with John’s old Nexus 9 which I bought off of him in 2015.

You’re standing at a Costco reading this aren’t you? Trying to decide between the S6 and the other one that’s on sale right now. TL;DR (at 53+ weeks) – I like it, don’t hate it, nothing bad happened as of 53 weeks.

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Square metal and glass thing I currently do not dislike

I read books, comics, do some light surfing on it, and generally grandma the tablet. I’ve had some experiences recently including discovering my eyes are terrible that have lead me to wanting something a little faster and a little larger.

I did a little research on tablets and discovered I could get a total powerhouse fairly inexpensively, but would probably spend several hours fixing/supporting it, and having to re-learn my ancient beloved rooting and ROM-ing, which I like but have no time for, or I could slip further down the Samsung fanboy path that I somehow have found myself on.

I never expected to be a Samsung fan, the Note 8 was the first phone I didn’t root within a month. It never got rooted actually. I liked the experience enough. It’s what I’d been attempting to get from the HTC Sense ROMs but never did.

So there I stood – reading review after review about random adware and no support whatsoever on several tablets on Amazon and I decided I just wanted something that worked and updated and I didn’t have to think much about it when I just wanted to read a book. I know, I’m terrible… it’s the kids man…

I don’t have time to reinstall 250 apps, and I can’t take my phone offline for 3+ hours when they’re at school because literally every time I take my phone down for any reason there’s a school shooting, tornado, lockdown, etc.

So there I stood in Costco looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Both about the same size, 64 gig, cost, although the S6 had the S-Pen included and for some reason I thought I might actually use it on a tablet.

First week has taught me it’s a fast tablet, I can run down the battery in two days which astounds me considering it’s 7000ma+. I will say though I have been putting it through its paces.

It’s a big phone essentially… responsive, I am generally digging everything that I’m running into with it. Been using it for a lot of work projects this week because I’ve had to be on zoom 3-4 hours a night and it survives that easy.

Hrmm, yeah, big square metal thing, goes fast, looks nice, not annoyed me so far… that’s 10+ years of reviewing there.. fast pretty metal thing. Annoys little.

Here’s an update I did 8 months later.
Another update where I ran into the first surmountable issue at 56 weeks.

TL;DR;not going to write another article update at 60 weeks – everything above, not perfect for multi-user due to crashes in SystemUI when using multiple users. That said, a crash involves it noting there’s an error, closing and restarting SystemUI, and then it’s fine. So surmountable slight annoyance every 2-3 days with multiuser.

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