The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite week 2/3 review

When last we left it I was pretty OK with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. For my purposes, which were reading, occasionally taking over a computer, and some web browsing it was more than fine. I decided to load it up with some of my meh games and utils, and then started having something to complain about.

It’s not the tablets fault the meh games I have look so bad. For some reason they think they need to switch to a low resolution mode. Developer’s fault not Samsung. Did make me realize that it would be nice if there was some sort of game mode toggle evident that changes the bounding constraints to make it think it’s on a phone.

I mean, there probably is. Samsung seems to stick a lot of things in there I wish for and then find.

After loading up the tablet with Facebook, Twitter, Nest, a few games (that don’t use background power,) setting it so it could be used as a phone in case my phone is away, and generally doing everything in my power to drain power constantly, the thing has about a two day battery life when not in use.

That’s not exactly good, however I have not as of yet gone into Battery Monitor to figure out which of the drain gang is actually wasting most of the juice in the background.

I need a feature that when the screen is off/case is closed the only thing that can pull power is a select few apps. Betting that exists, betting I’ve written about it, can’t remember it at the moment.

I’m not thrilled with the two day battery life when I’m not using it. For reference, the Nexus 9 has something like two weeks in standby. The S6 Lite is obviously running something that’s draining it as I can’t believe a battery that big and not being used is draining that fast.

That said, I guarantee it’s probably Facebook, Nest, and whatever the phone linker is.

Reading experience is great, S-Pen is once again not getting used particularly much by me. I mean it seems like such a cool idea and then I just never use it. Video watching, which I never do on phones and tablets, I did on this as I had to babysit a floor at work for three hours waiting for an alarm. It’s great.

So currently – performance quite acceptable. Price reasonable. Software config not as snappy as I’d expect coming from the S21 Ultra but not bad (something about the size). Good.

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