Google Calendar think PT and Mountain are the same time for anyone else?

I’m trying to schedule a flight calendar appointment for my boss. I’m involved in this as the third person to try and fail with the same issue.

The issue is the flight takes off from Colorado in Mountain Standard Time, and lands in California in Pacific Time. These zones are GMT-06:00 and GMT-07:00 but Google Calendar seems to think they’re both GMT-07:00 today.

Screenshot above from the web calendar interface as of about 10 minutes ago. PT and MT are both listed as -7 here. So I googled what time it was in those zones just to make sure I wasn’t tripping.

So I checked if there was some sort of weirdness I missed 11:09am PT
And as expected, Mountain was an hour ahead of Pacific

I checked using the Google Calendar App, the web page, nope…

Fun times. We’re shelving it and putting everything in manually tomorrow.

Wife informed me her work is having problems with Calendar losing or not saving events. Not sure if related.

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