It took 97 days to come up with complaints for the Roborock S7

To preface this – I got one of these for free as a reviewer, however no monetary compensation and I’d say you should assume there’s incentive for me to direct you to purchase one of these.

TL;DR – all the problems encountered, and estimated cost of running for a year

Update also: resized photos as evidently they were too tiny, this is also a positive mostly review

We’re going to highlight two issues I’ve run across in 97 days of what I would consider slightly above average use. I’ve got kids, we’ve got mopping that gets done every time Rosie (the Roborock S7.)

Let’s get down to the problems….

Mapping inconsistencies

This has been unreproducible – it may be resolved, it may have been just me. I’ve asked twice in the past few months for Rosie to hit the kitchen and had it bizarrely do half the dining room and half the kitchen. When I looked on the map there was a sort of 45 degree room that had been created overlaying the kitchen and the dining room area and that was what was being worked.

This happened twice. I assumed the robot got turnt. No issues the past month.

No suction should equal an error

The last two times the Roborock S7 went out it didn’t do a good job. On inspection the dust bin was empty. That was odd. I discovered the unit had sucked up a lanyard holder the kids had dropped and was preventing the main brush from rotating. There was no error given that the brush was immobilized.

That’s not great.

The brush

The rubber rotator brush claims it still has 82% life after about 100 days of force use The unit is already showing serious signs of wear including the fins being pushed down (from wrapping a lanyard holder I’m guessing,) and just chunks missing.

image - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
image 1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Should be click to enlarge. I do not expect the rubber main brush to last to 200 days at which point it will still claim to have 60% life. This may not be much of an issue as it looks like a replacement parts kit might be fairly inexpensive, but I’m not finding a way to actually see the final price as AliExpress keeps claiming I need to fill out missing info.

image 2 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The mop

It feels weird to note this, but the mop has ground itself flat. It’s still doing a good job, and washing it regularly helps a bit, but man, that thing is flat now.

image 3 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

It has scrubbed the dust and grime off the floor for 3+ months and has done a very good job. There’s not even a mop life estimator but I’m going to say you’re probably going to need a replacement at least once a year.

The replacement parts

So I got to here and finally found the replacement parts for the S7 if you can’t get a decent deal on the ALiExpress knockoffs…

The main brush comes in at $22.99. I’d say plan to replace that once or twice a year if you have kids. This is expensive, but we’re not talking iRobot/Roomba expensive. The side brushes (mine are fine, no issues I can tell) are about $15, my guess is you’ll need about one a year. My assumption is the mops are two for $17 and the filters are 2 for $32 but since the amazon page doesn’t directly mention the S7 (it’s the same mop, looks exactly like the filter) – I’m not linking it.

My assumptions on cost per year

I believe by 6 months I will require a new main brush and mop. ~$31.50 a year
I believe by 1 year I will require a new filter. ~$16.50
I believe I need one half of a side brush a year ~$4

I expect the battery to last 3-4 years, there are no replacement battery costs but I’m assuming about $30 based on other brands, so about $10 a year.

Electric is somewhere under $1

$63 a year, or $0.172 per daily run

I find this acceptable at the moment. I really dig my clean floors. I don’t find the non-suction no error a good indicator though – that needs to be addressed.

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2 thoughts on “It took 97 days to come up with complaints for the Roborock S7

  • I’m going to post this as a comment until I see what they want to do. As noted this is a long term test of this and I mentioned the main brush was getting haggard. I was emailing the rep about that and some other issues unrelated to the Roborock S7. I sent over some more pictures of how bad the main brush was looking.

    While emailing, Kim noticed it was making a weird noise and stopped it. Yeah, weird timing I know.

    I flipped the S7 over later to see what was going on, and it had a … I’m guessing it was a Barbie baby bottle. Dead center. Sliced the main silicone brush in two right down the middle. I have no idea how it accomplished the slice. I had very closely looked and photographed the brush 1 hour and 40 minutes prior because the fins were universally wrecked.

    Even looking at the slice it’s like professional directly center of the brush – I start wondering if this was two halves merged together or something.

    This is in a house with two kids and the only things have been a couple of Barbie shoes, a lanyard, a couple of USB cables, and this weird doll bottle in the past 3 months. Not what I’d call extreme use.

    According to the app, the main brush has used 20% of its life and has 240 hours left of use. Assuming this brush is indicative of the series, this would put the replacements at 3-4 a year, not two as I guessed above.


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