Unexpected battery drain on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra may be your healthy lifestyle

The first few days I had my S21 I had all day life. The weekends I tend to have all day life (Sunday I think I finished the day with over 50% battery left.) The weekdays? That’s been hit or miss and mostly miss. I’ve been attempting to figure out what the difference is, but from what I can tell screen on is about the same, data used about the same, everything about the same. The same issues are happening with my wife’s phone and it’s been a mystery.

What’s been different is, at least possibly, the week days we’ve been walking. That appears to be waking up the camera app, which is using a lot of battery according to

We walked the kids to camp today. That’s about 2.4 miles round trip. I drained about 20% of my battery from 7am to 9:40am when I bothered to look at it (let’s call that 9:30 for math) – this puts the phone’s battery life at about 12 and a half hours. That’s hardly all day. The weekends? We don’t do a whole lot of walking.

Looking now the only thing draining battery is screen on time.

You’ll need an advanced battery monitoring software to get detailed stats, doesn’t appear that most of them will work to give these stats without either root or ADBing a couple of settings to allow them to work. You can find one such monitor over on the Sammobile article linked below. Looking at Android’s battery stats, not getting anything useful.

Anyway, if you’ve got crazy inconsistent battery on the S21 like I do, walking around with the phone may be the culprit. Let’s hope Samsung gets that fixed if that’s actually the problem.

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