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How to turn of Windows desktop notifications for website updates in Chrome

It’s firmly my belief that nearly 2000 of you hang on Pocketable’s every single update and want to know within milliseconds of posting what I have to say, but for those who don’t, or those who are getting spammy desktop notifications from sites you accidentally agreed to show desktop notifications.

Side note before I get onto how to disable these – most WordPress sites at least rely on the same plugin to push notifications out, and said plugin doesn’t really have a lot of configuration abilities to say … not bug someone until their third visit to ask “hey, looks like you come here often, want to be notified?” – like Pocketables, I don’t want to ask people on their first visit to get updates, just sort of forced…


Disable Windows Desktop notifications for website updates

Click the notifications icon usually in the bottom right of your taskbar

Turn off Windows Desktop notifications
Notification thingie in this example has a 2 on it on the right

This will bring up a list of notifications that have been pushed to you – there are plenty here, but you should be able to locate the website notification you want pretty easily. Right click that notification and you’ll see what app it came from (Chrome, Edge, something else) and as well as data on the website that pushed the notification (in this case Pocketables)choose go to Chrome Notification settings in this case.

Turn off Windows Desktop notifications
Turn off Windows Desktop notifications

In your browser of choice you should see a list of sites that are allowed and not allowed to send notifications. Scroll down until you find the ones you don’t want, choose to block them or whatever you want.

No more notifications.

You could also just open Chrome and type in the URL Chrome://settings/content/notifications

Or throw the computer out.

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