Spice up your home office with some FlexiSpot stuff

Something I don’t do very often is PR for products I have not reviewed. Take this as my belief that if they could create this damned fine chair, the likes of which seem to have my wife’s back back in whack and appears to once again be a damned fine chair, that they probably know what they’re doing in the ergonomic and building realms.

Did I mention that was a damned fine chair?

Anyway, Flexispot sent over an email about some of their new products, asked if I would share, and really, that is a good chair… good enough I’m going to mention this stuff without testing.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness chair


Exerbike, chair, I can see some problems right off the bat with this that you’re not going to be able to get up on handlebars and climb that virtual hill, however if you’re looking for a small at-desk thing and trying to remember to get in your 250 steps per hour or so, this seems like a nice compromise.

Manufacturer’s website | Amazon / website we get commission from if you buy it

Coupon code of FC30 gets you $30 off on the mfg website, possibly a “Pocketables” coupon on Amazon.

Esben Standing Desk


You know what, I’m not a fan. Not going to lie. Doesn’t fit my aesthetic sensibilities, I’ve played with some of the coolest standing desks in the world, got no hate of this but it’s not me. This is too … not desk… for my use cases.

Esben standing desk on the mfg website

Coupon code of UD50 would get you $50 off

Modish standing desk


This one is entirely aesthetics and a lift kit. It’s also one of the more expensive items I’ve seen starting at $699.99 for the smallest version of it with the prices incrementing for larger sizes up to $200 more. Aesthetically, and from a price point, I like some of their other standing desk products more.

Minimalist bamboo with a lift kit capable of lifting 275 pounds. Appears to lack the USB passthrough features the other desk has.

Modish Standing Desk on their website.

Now I’ve got a coupon code here I think is not correct “$30” for $30 off… I’m going to tag the person who sent that as I think that’s a typo.

Modish30 is the code (hopefully) for $30 off.


I think I might be surprised by the standing desks, the sit and spin is not my thing but if you’re stuck in an apartment on a laptop without much ability to get out, might be great. I haven’t really had any hands on with their products other than that damned fine chair.

Also a quick update, links have changed, in theory everything here is an affiliate link now and so now I technically have a reason to promote them (didn’t other than I loved that chair at time of posting.) Should you want us to not earn any commission just go search for the products yourself. I’ve got a potential unavoidable kitchen remodel that’s burning a hole in my foreseeable future pockets so yeah.

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