The Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock day 4

Not a whole lot to update here, some videos of the thing and no problems encountered. I have been told that the dock requires a bag to operate properly, which means there’s going to be an ongoing expense, or a potential project using a HEPA filter I found at Home Depot we might get into. We’ll see.

Here’re two videos of the S7 docking – one is as seen from the app, the other as seen from next to the thing.

I have taken the auto-empty bin out a few times since I got it, there’s usually a tiny smidge of dirt left in it but nothing to write home about.

Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock
You can see some specks left, but at the moment at least nothing’s attaching.

It’s too early in the run with the new bin to tell if this has any effect on the washable filter that it comes with. I’m betting the filter would last slightly longer between needed cleanings in the self-emptying bin as it gets slightly cleaned every time, but I’m not betting a lot on that. This has not been something I’ve measured in the past so when I have a feeling, it’ll be a feeling.

Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock bag

I attempted to get a shot of the dirt that was in the self-sealing bag, but yeah, I got that photo … all I can say is that a Roborock S7 bin-full is in the bag. The canister was clean (before I pulled things apart) with the very notable exception of the bin entry area.

Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock
While there is dirt on the outside of the unit on top, that was caused by my pulling the bag out.
Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock I have no mouth and yet I scream.
Close up – if you remove the bin, which you don’t have to for any reason that I’ve found, there will be some dirt here for reasons unknown.

Above video has it docking and a very short run of the empty feature. It’s loud. Runtime seems based on how long the S7 worked, and in this instance it had been out for a short test and back. It doesn’t seem to run all that long in normal operation but it’s loud as my wife pointed out you need to make sure the Roborock S7 doesn’t hit the dock during a remote meeting.

I’m trying to locate what the replacement bags will cost, whether you can use Clean Base model replacements (they look very similar), and looking at how to make this bagless (although you’d lose the HEPA level filtration). Found these on Amazon that appear to indicate $5 a bag. However, as it seems the bag is standard across a couple of manufacturers I’d suspect lower prices and different filtration levels are available. I’m looking into that now as well as how much Roborock will be selling replacement bags for.

In the meantime, as the fires in the northwest have smoke depositing in the south east, Rhonda’s getting a workout and getting a lot more dirt and dust than average, so perfect timing on testing this thing.

The Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock will be released on August 19, 2021. You can pre-order now.

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