Triversal may be the best dot moving game of 2021 (Steam)

Triversal is a Steam-powered game in which you move a sphere by means of tethers. You attempt to move it in such a way that you collect… appears to be triangles. Nope, coins. Totally different. The goal of each level seems to be to get your yellow sunny dot into the center black dot under par.

The people who know the high end video gaming equipment I have often find it amusing how many of the games I enjoy playing on a regular basis involve just dots. There’s a large category that can be broken down into games where a dot moves from one place to another, usually taking over another dot. I have spent far far far too much time on games like Auralux 1 & 2, Cell Expansion Wars, and more recently Clash of Dots. So when I got offered a chance to review a game in which you move a dot, Aww yeah.

My attempts are aimed at getting the yellow dot into the black dot

Sometimes grabbing a coin will require slingshotting your dot out, sometimes you arrange tethers in such a way that you move away from the goal, but the end goal is get everything, get in the hole under par using at most 3 tethers at a time, and it’s surprisingly fun, until it it starts fooling you with positioning of the anchor squares. Then it’s just a dirty spatial liar.

Nope. no grudge there for ruining my perfect streak Triversal, it’s good… I’ll defeat you still.


The game is surprisingly fun for a while. After defeating about 20 levels at a shot you might get bored of it for a couple of hours, but I have come back again and again to defeat more of it. Surprisingly enjoyable for something that feels like Groundhog Day sometimes… perhaps that’s the reason.

Very fun game, launched last week, really wish it was available for Android (it is available for remote play on tablets, I’ll have to see if that’s working correctly now.) Here’s a video I found from the launch week, my rig is having some issues so no content other than some screen shots this time.

They really are marketing this as chill meets challenge, and that seems to be the spot it exists in. Along the way more tools and harder courses appear, there are daily puzzles, and all the things a good game of dot moving should have.

You can find Triversal at Steam

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