Why wireless charging? Looking back

I was looking back at some old comments on the gimmickyness of wireless charging and how it’s not very effective and wasteful and slow and yadda yadda yadda. People really had strong opinions back pre-pandemic, but here’s what I’ve found with years of both wireless charging and wired charging different devices.

My kids’ tablets are wired charging only. Our phones are generally wireless and for the most part capable of making it through a day.

I’m going through cable after cable with the kiddos. I’ve got a bad charging port in one of the tablets now. I’ve literally thrown away cable after cable that have broken inside and suddenly stopped working, or stopped charging well. Keep in mind I probably have a lot more charging than the average person.

And my phones are fine, they charge overnight on wireless stands and when I get up in the morning they’re charged and fine. If I need a fast charge or a boost, plug them into a cable.

But yeah, the ports on our phones go almost unused. Qi charging may have been thought of as a gimmick a while back, but really it’s nice to just plop a phone down and when you need it you pick it up and don’t pull half a nightstand’s worth of garbage across a room because you forgot it was still plugged in.

The trade off for us has been a little bit of speed in charging for an undamaged phone, and nightstand cleaning reprieve.

Why yes I’m stuck here monitoring a RAID “ReplacingBackplane ” event for evidently 50 more minutes and have little I can actually do, why do you ask?

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