24 days with the Yeedi Vac Station

As you may recall, the Yeedi Vac Station is with the other Paul King for this review. It’s your standard puck-shaped vacuum robot/mop with a base station that empties out the contents after vacuuming. This review is a little more hands-off than anticipated due to a potential Covid exposure and not stepping in the house, but I’ll be back hands on with the thing next week.

Yeedi Vac Station / Yeedi Vac Max

We’ll start with the basics – the vacuum runs, and has suction power as advertised. It mops as well as any pad-dragging robot I’ve run across that doesn’t have a scrubbing/raising/lowering unit attached (which is to say it’s good for getting surface dirt off your hard floors, don’t expect deep cleaning,) and it generally is doing what I would expect it to do as it maps out the other Paul King’s house, which is to find everything it can possibly get into and cause him to have to reposition things.

Remember kids, pick up your wires and string.

After 14 runs, 308 square meters cleaned, and over 8 hours of total runtime we have these notes:

  • Map still not completed. Has mapped out a lot of the place but at 8 hours it still has not managed to get it completely mapped.
  • Possibly due to that has issues finding the dock, does not appear to discover where it is when stopped and repositioned. My guess is when it finally maps everything, this will change.
  • It has gotten stuck under a bed, and behind a toilet and had to be searched for
  • Does not appear to be a way to force it to empty the bin
  • Documentation is bad (according to Paul)
  • Has mapped an area it’s calling A, B, C, there are 7 rooms. Not figured them out yet. Giving it some time still.
  • Needs an alarm to find it as there’s nothing evident when it’s lost and has not mapped the rooms yet
  • Wheels have had to have hair and string pulled out
  • Doesn’t appear to stop when full

That said, this is his first go with a modern robot vacuum, and with the software being what it is, which appears to be a licensed product from another company as quite a few other vacuums I’ve tried have the same program, different branding, my bet is it will get surprisingly good once it finishes mapping.

As a spectator in this Yeedi Vac Station event at the moment, I am a bit concerned that the initial mapping phase of this has not completed yet. It’s a larger house, but not a mansion by any stretch. Also concerning is it still hasn’t completed a full pass/clean of the entire house. It appears to be cleaning from the start and tentatively venturing out every run.

One of the advertised features of this was that it would pick up where it left off after running low on battery. This doesn’t seem to be happening as advertised, but we’ll see if that changes once it maps out the place.

At least in this house it needs some sort of explorer mode where it just goes, doesn’t clean, maps, and then comes back and makes a plan.

I’ll have another followup and hopefully a full review on this in a week or two. As it stands, seems like it’s doing what it should. Different house, different cleaning challenges, I have a smaller area I generally test these in so this is a new experience for me here.

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