40 days with the Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock

It’s been a total of 40 days now since the Auto-Empty dock entered my house. In this time I realize other than a couple of wire-related incidents I have not really even thought about the Roborock S7 other than to clean the mop and refill some water as it does its job without a lot of drama.

The bag is a little over half full. It’s not full yet, not compacted, and can probably go another four or five weeks, which puts it right at about 8 weeks which is what the manufacturers say is the replacement timeframe.

The dock itself, I have had next to no interaction with other than to open and look at the bag. It works. It’s something that after placement I have not had to think about once. I have very much appreciated not having to empty out the Roborock S7 at all the past month. I took a few pictures of a slightly dusty dustbin in the S7 but there’s been no accumulation of note.

The S7 has never had an issue docking with the Auto-Empty Dock… really the thing as a physical product, I have no complaints about which, as you know is strange for me.

Of course I have issues… I would really love to be able to schedule that the S7 does its cleaning and the empty routine doesn’t start when it docks but starts up at a given time. I’d like to be able to schedule that empty rather than have it whenever the S7 finishes cleaning … use it as an alarm clock or something, not be surprised when a very quiet vacuum (the S7) docks and a jet engine (the Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock,) takes off in my living room.

The Roborock S7 Auto-Empty Dock was slated for release August 19, and it appears it’s out of stock on Amazon at the moment. Roborock’s website claims they’ve got it, so you can grab it there should you want.

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