My Dearest Rose, this missive comes to you from a laptop

I’m on day four or so of only having what I’d consider a computer when I’m at work, and have been exploring options for how to even. I can’t stress how absurd it feels that a single-screen laptop feels like I’m looking into a tiny hole. I attached it to a monitor and keyboard, but yeah, 1080p isn’t cutting it for me.

At the direction of editor/author/contributor Daniel, and with the full blessing of work, I am building a little monster PC that can take over while my bad-data-writing unit spends the next 2 months doing drive consistency checks and basically I figure out why I have 40+ days of garbage backups from it.

In the meantime… man… I love Android but attempting to work on it without a keyboard is killing me Smalls. All those Bluetooth keyboards I reviewed in the past? Absolutely no idea what happened to them. They’re not in the remaining piles of tech. Even if they were, the small keyboards wouldn’t really help me.

Within the next week I’m supposed to have the final components for a single-drive workstation. I abhor single drive systems, because when that drive fails, you’re screwed. However my plan is to transition it to a multi/raid later on. I just need to get up and running at home again.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending a little time in VR, it’s been really interesting and I think is starting to screw with my sleep schedule in a way that playing games on a TV hasn’t.

Anyway, plan at the moment is to build the new machine when I have something to build it in, that something’s supposed to be here any time in the next 5 days, then pull some parts from the T7500 (GPU is all I’m looking at initially) and work at restoring my half TB life.

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Paul E King

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