On an unrelated note: “How do I get the Pfizer vaccine out of my body”

As an Android gadget blog I don’t get a lot of hits for medical advice until yesterday where the number one search phrase passed to us was “how to get the pfizer vaccine out of my body” – there’re variants on that, and Google doesn’t pass search terms so I can only see what Google landed on and yeah. We’re now a medical advice destination.

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My guess is due to having written about my experiences with getting the shot, sites that use no real context rankings have decided that my domain authority extends to knowing all things mRNA. Really, some of the things Duck Duck Go and Dogpile have been passing me are hilarious, and concerning.

But, got enough on Pfizer yesterday to notice, and the answer is you break it down to next to nothing within a few days and the longest study I can find says it’s not there within a few weeks. Only thing that remains is your newly trained immune system which now has the antibodies and memory cells.

So, how you get it out? Wait. By 78 hours it’s gone. It’s removed by your immune system.

It could be argued that nothing you take in ever completely leaves you, but as being an effective cell training medication you’re looking at a couple of days at most and all the feelings of garbage that you have after you get a shot are your immune system cleaning the antigen/vaccine out. Yeah, the shots don’t make you feel cruddy, it’s your body removing them that’s doing that.

The vaccine doesn’t last months, it exists for days, your newly trained immune response lasts months, or you know I’m wrong. Checks my lack of a medical degree at the door.

I DMed someone who specializes more in things like this and she said:

I guess the question would be about how long the lipid nanoparticle delivery system persists. For vaccines, everything happens pretty locally to prime the immune system since there are antigen presenting cells right there in the skin and muscle cells. So the mRNA package is endocytosed and releases its contents into the cytoplasm relatively quickly. For other therapeutic applications, people get massive IV delivery of these mRNAs encased in lipid nanoparticle and in those instances I think hepatic accumulation and toxicity are more of a concern.

And followed up with anything happening days to weeks out on a vaccine is generally your own body’s machinery and exceedingly rare.

Might be wrong, but you’re the one using a search engine that’s sending you here, to an Android based blog, to find out how to get the Pfizer vaccine out of you. I’d say waiting for three days is about your best bet but if you want me to sell you something that might flush it out 20 seconds faster let me know.

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