That 2021 T-Mobile hack, yeah clench a little harder

Remember when I said that T-Mobile had been hacked and the hacker claimed they had IMEI numbers and then that whole thing disappeared from the reporting nationally? Yeah that’s back.

T-Mobile’s now claiming an additional 5.3 million current postpaid customer accounts bringing that total number to about 53 million records compromised coincidentally.

An additional 52,000 Metro By T-Mobile customers or former customers get added to the list, although no former Sprint prepaid or Boost customers are listed.

I do question whether those of us who were on Sprint and had to go in to complete a T-Mobile migration are in this hack.

It’s been a minute, but as I recall the idea of having an IMEI/IMSI tied to your name, phone number, basic banking data was considered a hacker’s wet dream for bypassing two factor authentication. I’m going to stress though that this is half-remembered things from many years ago and I’m not really certain whether that’s even feasible without some social engineering of T-Mobile staff.

Also should be noted do not give any website claiming to be able to check whether you were part of the hacked data ANYTHING. If you want to know if you’ve been a victim of this data breach, unfortunately the answer is wait on T-Mobile, and when you get a call or email from someone claiming to be them, make sure it’s them ok?

Also check out account takeover protection on the link below. That might be something we all need to look into.

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