Yesterday’s downtime, and WTF Disqus?

If you tried to get to Pocketables in the past day or so, maybe you got a million redirects, maybe it just never loaded. According to the site hosts there was some work going on between Cloudflare and Siteground and we were affected.

Attempts to report the case were met with a chat wait until I lost power 15-20 minutes in… by the time I got internet back, issue had resolved.

I know you’re so interested in how much effort it takes to keep a WordPress site running…

Also seriously:

image 41 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The above image is from the Disqus admin portal. Disqus, for those who don’t know is a service we pay for that allows you to comment on our posts without having to sign up for a new account – it works with FB, Google, etc across sites. It is supposed to have spam protection, but as we see by someone who posted 81 reported spam out of 106 comments (probably 25 site operators have not reported it yet,) we’re not seeing that protection.

Unfortunately the free version of disqus slams infinity ads in, and we’re barely paying for hosting as it stands, so yeah… oof… that there is a complete failure of that product

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Paul E King

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