Fitbit rolls out snoring detection to Sense/Versa 3

You’ll need a Fitbit Premium subscription, a Sense or Versa 3, a fairly charged battery, and to sleep, but the long awaited Fitbit snoring detection appears to be here. It’ll listen as you sleep, and let you know what it thinks evidently. We’ll see.

I just got the option today, it appears to have been a pulled server side switch as my Fitbit app hasn’t updated in a while (new update is downloading now, but screenshots are from a week or two old version.)

You may recall 5 years ago I went and became nighttime Darth Vader with a CPAP – I was snoring and just stopping breathing then to the tune of about an hour a night extra not breathing. Let me tell you, if you find you snore, please get some help. Sleep apnea does more than just make you tired, it is listed as the direct cause of one of the members of a group I knew dying of heart failure. So yeah, your watch detects snoring go ahead and get a sleep study.

If you’ve got a Versa 3 or Fitbit Sense and a premium subscription, go ahead and check it out – should show as a little banner under the sleep tab – I’ll be trying it tonight. If you haven’t paid for the premium package, Google evidently is ok with you slowing dying as you’re effectively being choked to death by a very weak squid, and you can grab plenty of free apps that will listen for you snoring on your phone.

Credit to Slashgear for info that it’s a premium subscription only.

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