Google Celebrating its 23 enigma birthday

Google’s turning 23, still has problems renting a car in the United States, and is giving you up to 23% off in some international Google Stores based on various things I’ve seen on the net.

I personally don’t see any discounts anywhere, but assume I might at 23 past the hour. I’m a little off on how a company founded September 4th 1998 is 23 on September 27, 2021, but you know. Oh yeah, it’s 23 days after the founding as listed on Wiki.

TL;DR – Paul goes off on a tangent below unrelated to Android or Google, it’s Google’s birthday, that is all.

Google's 23 years old as of 23 days ago
Google's Wiki blurb

The tangent

The 23 enigma, if you’re not familiar with it really has little to do with Google (except they’re 23 years and 23 days old evidently,) but is a really fun critical thought tool that you can read quite a bit about in the works of Robert Anton Wilson and William S. Borroughs. Basically, when you look for a pattern (23,5,17, cows, etc) you will find a pattern. If that pattern is 23, the law of 5s, etc, you can find a way to make most coincidental occurrence special/spooky somehow.

Such as September 4 is listed as the date of founding and today’s the 27th. 27-4 is 23. 23 days after what’s listed on Wikipedia as Google’s 23rd birthday.

It’s somewhat important to understand how these work and confirmation bias if you’re ever wanting to deprogram a politico, conspiracy follower, etc. It’s also one of the better arguments for always looking on the bright side of life. You tend to notice what you look for. The belief that nothing can be a coincidence however is where the rabbit hole starts.

Fun times…

If you never checked out the Illuminatus! Trilogy (in which the 23/17 phenomenon is mentioned heavily,) might want to, although it’s from a much much different era and was quite old when I started reading it back in… oh wow, strangely enough, 23 years ago at the recommendation of my then roommate.


And then my watch vibrated at 10:50am:

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