Govee StarPal Pro WiFi lamp review -portable, rechargeable

The Govee StarPal Pro is either a WiFi/Amazon/Google Assistant connected 16 million color lamp, or you can use the app and use Bluetooth to control it. It’s bright, it works, you’re buying it because you like the way it looks, and it does look pretty good if this is your style.

Setup is a breeze with the Govee Home app. If you’re on the Google Assistant side make sure to say “hey google, synchronize devices” after you’ve got it set up in Govee, and be sure to name it something else besides H6058 which is what it will try and name itself. I named mine “govee table lamp”.

After it’s connected you can make it a part of scenes in the Govee app, or routines in Google Home. You can set up voice routines that turn all your lights to red and blast “Welcome to the Jungle” on other speakers, but you know, it’s whatever you want.

I attempted to photograph this with three different cameras. None of them captured the nice look and feel the thing gives off. Due to the LED lighting, most of the photos look like they were taken at a rave, but let me tell you to my lightly colorblind eyes the lighting is nice.

The H6058 / Govee StarPal Pro is rechargeable and packs a 3350mAh battery so it should last quite a bit away from its charger. “Quite a bit,” of course, is determined by how bright you have it, what particular color you’re using, distance from WiFi, age of the battery, etc. It’s probably good for a night or two without the charger but runs fine on it as well.

I like it, I’m not thrilled that it is yet another charger and there’s not a USB option to charge the thing, but then again major companies don’t particularly care what I think it seems. That’s the one complaint.

The Govee StarPal Pro WiFi lamp is available on Amazon or Govee’s website.

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