I accidentally told a Google employee to f off (probably)

While driving with the new Driving Mode that somehow I got a bit early I pulled up to a stop light and decided to offer feedback. If you’re not familiar with how this works, just say “ok google, feedback” and it will walk you through submitting a quick and short request to Google about something.

I said “OK google, feedback” and it asked “what do we need to improve.” I started a lengthy breakdown of what was going wrong with the new driving mode and about 3/4ths of the way through the light had both turned and google decided to say “I didn’t catch that, what’s the message” – I wasn’t going to submit anything because 1, this ticked me off, 2 the light just changed and I don’t feedback and drive.

At this point I was not focused on the message so much as the person who was headed head first at me after making an way-past light turn and me heading forward. By the time I looked all I saw was that google had at least the words “fuck you” under feedback. Words meant for not a google employee, or at least not in this case.

I pulled into my driveway and asked google to submit feedback again. I explained that my previous feedback had been in error and should anyone actually listen to this understand the circumstances… as I was leaving this I got the “I didn’t catch that, what’s the message” and Google then recorded me saying “oh my god what a piece…” and submitted it.

Lesson kids: don’t use voice feedback unless you’re in a place where you might not be cursing because based on my two feedback “didn’t catch the message” issues I think Google employees are probably feeling justified in making my life more of a living hell.

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Paul E King

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