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So there’s really very little interesting to me today on the Android front. I’m talking today, Friday September 17th as a note, not in general. I’m wrapping up the last couple of product reviews, but they’re not really ready and due to my scheduling a lot got slammed together.

Pocketables for some unknown reason had its first really good month last/this month since I’ve owned it. By that I mean as long as Google pays, we made beer money above paying for hosting and the Disqus comments plugin. I don’t really understand why, but the advertising revenue went from abysmal to something like “oh, they know their stuff” rates. Cloudflare is also claiming we’ve got a crap ton more viewers than Google/WP is reporting, so that might be something as well. That’s good. Yesssssssss.

If you’ve got a passion for Android, gadgets, programming, or like putting your take on news and would like to write, hit me up. Please understand however this place has yet to turn a profit / pay me back for the purchase so yeah. You’ll get contacts, toys to play with, you do YouTube videos any advertising off of your video you get, any sales off of items is yours, but we’re really not a major money making opportunity. Not looking for SEO people trying to get client links in, I get 16 of those emailing me a day. Email me at Paul at thiswebsite’s name if you are interested. It’s not something I can recommend other than if you want to write and play with toys.

On a side note – A very long time ago in an attempt to learn why Pocketables was crashing and burning so badly (wordpress, SEO, plugin problems, themes,) I started a website called theITbaby. It was something I could do while Pocketables was owned by another company to figure out why everything was going to complete crap here. In the 9 years it’s been running, by percentage, it’s been blowing Pocketables out of the water.

I’m going to probably start cross posting more kid tech over here though as many of y’all are parents and like the tech. Plan is to label it here, not push-notify cross posted. This means you’ll only see it if you hit the main page or have push notifications on the other site.

That’s about it – there are a few things on the radar today, but mostly the Android news sites are speculation about how big a battery will be, or <<shudder>> it’ll be smaller but <<potentially>> that won’t matter because <<possibly>> a chip that we’ve only seen a regulatory filing for will <<possibly>> use less power because of <<speculative thing>>. Slow news day.

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