On with the crazycamerashop saga

I contacted Godaddy when the CrazyCameraShop thing first went live. You know what, I said it was hosted there, I was wrong. I’ve been doing investigation into scam sites for 20+ years for work and I messed up on investigating the people who were copying our code. Godaddy was the registrar, another company was the host. I has the IT shame.

TL;DR – tales from the IT side of the blogging side of Pocketables

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I did not intend for this to happen, but when you steal code and leave no contact information

Contacted the correct host with a nice email – should be noted I do not actually despise Crazy Camera Shop, but when a visitor lands and it’s executing code that impacts Pocketables (they have our ad and tracker code as well as messing with the SEO as their schema says they’re Pocketables so search engines direct there,) I needed to do something.

They had no contact info of course. The social media presence of “Crazy Camera Shop” was for a fairly well established company that was most likely unrelated.

So I popped on, grabbed the ARIN info for their IP, and contacted the abuse department of the correct host (sorry for mentioning you Godaddy).

Wrote a nice little request that they contact the owner and get them to remove our code and schema presentation (which I am claiming under copyright,) that they could keep the images/look/feel (which I am not claiming,) and that if they want to know where I got anything to just ask because, well, it’s free… all of it. Just don’t drag Pocketables down by using our code on their servers.

No, really, I was nice. Our theme is Magazine and I can point them there. Scraping a worpress site to produce a fake Magazine theme on another freaking wordpress site seems… really really weird.

Got a response today from the Vultr abuse department that CrazyCameraShop is currently suspended pending subscriber action on this matter.

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