The Moment MagSafe car vent mount doesn’t let down

While I’m not a huge fan of car vent mounts due to them blocking a vent, I do appreciate what the Moment Magsafe car vent mount accomplishes. That is a solid connection to the vent, and a magnetic grip on the phone that does not let go under normal driving conditions.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this except that it’s a magnet, exceptionally easy to attach a phone with Magsafe or one of Moment’s (M) Force cases, and it felt like barring a crash or abnormal jostling the phone was going to be just fine.

Moment MagSafe car vent mount

The vent mount’s rubberized grips held tight to my Honda Odyssey’s fins, and to a Subaru Outback’s as well (different sized). I had no worries on it detaching.

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My only complaint on this has to do with blocking the vent, which is what a vent mount is going to do so I can’t fault it for that. I can offer a vent-mount redesign that eliminates that that nobody seems to manufacture, but yeah. For what it does it does it well.

Moment MagSafe car vent mount

I used stock images here initially as I took a lot of photos of the (M) Force case and my S21 in various positions using my old Note 8 and evidently none of the photos bothered to sync. This was updated in case you’re confused as to what’s up with the photos.

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Should you want a car vent mount and have a Magsafe compatible phone or case, I do not think you will be disappointed in the performance of this.

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Grab a MagSafe / (M) Force car vent mount over at Moment’s site.

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