Android comes to Windows 11 Insiders

If you’re part of the Windows Insiders program, you should have access to the Android App experience. This was a feature that was expected to launch with Windows 11, but didn’t.

Like the Windows Subsystem for Linux, the Windows Subsystem for Android will run … evidently Linux and an AOSP 11 build. The ecosystem by default will be the Amazon App Store, but I’d suspect Google Play services will be working fairly soon afterward if not the same day of release. Not by Google mind you, but by someone who’s fed up with the Amazon App Store (which is a running wretched hive of scum and villainy in my opinion.)

The Android Subsystem runs in a Hyper-V, and should be able to access the graphics, memory, and other useful things that have been previously abstracted and slow in Android virtualization.

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If you want to see Windows implementation of Google’s products you’ll install an Amazon app store from the Microsoft Store to access content. Here, let me Google your Bing via AskJeeves

If you’re not part of the Windows Insider Program and wish to be a guinea pig, start here, register and join your PC to the beta channel. Update however you do that. Have an Amazon account in the US, and then install the Amazon Appstore via the Microsoft Store.

I for one am looking forward to a stable release where I can install my Amazon App Store under Windows 11 to run Android products that will enable me to force install Google Play Services so I can install the x86 emulator and run Windows 7 under Android under Windows 11. Under that I hope to run MAME or similar and see how far the virtualization can go.

Or not.

Really hoping the Android on Windows 11 experience is better than what I’ve been used to with other emulators. I mean, they were good but the graphics were extremely slow. The translation to a desktop or windows laptop was labored. Slow was the main issue though.

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