Facebook tags itself Meta – hey look over there!

Facebook is attempting to rebrand itself to Meta in some sort of self-referential synergistic corporate hogwash to distract from that they’re currently being called out every day by pretty much everyone in media for being a really astoundingly evil company. Also to let people know that while Facebook is still the place for your racist uncle and that one friend who absolutely has to comment on anything with that they “don’t think they’re racist but…” they’re adding the shared virtual reality connotations as well. Imagine, now you can share space with them!

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Meta’s logo – balls, butts, lungs, minimalist Grumpy Cat, or an XBOX controller?

The name change comes on the heels of them working on creating a closed metaverse (shared VR experience,) but you know we’ve got to name it something else and hope people remember Ready Player One fondly (and forget Ready Player Two,) because yes.

They could have waited a week or two to announce this, but choosing to do it right now gets news agencies a whole lot of coverage to deal with on shared virtual reality experiences, and might soften the inevitable blow of the US congress doing pretty much nothing other than complaining publicly about their behavior. Watch the boring news next couple of days we’ll probably find out a few interesting things while the fluff news goes on about how crazy it is to meet in VR.

Meta joins Alphabet in names you’ll never use in reference to Facebook or Google, but will give you about nine days of nonstop stories unrelated to Facebook knowing it was aiding people to self harm.

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