My last ditch efforts at maintaining my phone number

I’ve had my phone number for 21 years now. I’m not particularly attached to it but it’s a great number. There’s a pneumonic that I told my then-6-year-old to remember it and to this day she does. Really, everyone who knows my name can remember my phone number, unless they forget how to spell.

TL;DR – what I’m trying to restore phone sanity.

For the past two years however, most of my calls are garbage. Before noon yesterday I had nine calls intercepted by T-Mobile’s Scam Shield, four fake calls from my work that’s being spoofed nonstop (who doesn’t have to pick up for a call from their work?) and a couple of texts that came through T-Mobile’s email to text gateway that were obvious spam.

And what’s really a problem is I have business cards, hundreds of legitimate contacts I’d have to inform, my kids know my phone number, and of course the carriers do absolutely nothing, or perhaps they can’t do anything, when you report these.

So here’s what I’m trying, and it’s a bit of a re-hash as I’m headed back to GV for some features but hoping some of the T-Mobile front end Scam Shield works.

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Google Voice

Step 1 is getting Google Voice back up and working. I used to be a really big fan in the Sprint days, but I had several issues with it just never ringing, and when we lost carrier integration and then *I* lost carrier integration I had to abandon it.

I set it back up, same number I’ve kept periodically active for the past few years, and set call screening to on. This will at least make someone have to say their name in order to even reach me.

I’ve set up contacts and anonymous to behave differently in the legacy control panel.

Forward them cakes

The next step was attempting to forward my phone number to Google Voice. This used to be accomplished by dialing ##something#phonenumber but that seems to not be the case with T-Mobile any more. It now is, at least on my S21 Ultra, default phone app, 3 dots, settings, supplementary services, call forwarding, and then I’m using always forward to forward to Google Voice. You can choose whatever you want.

Stranger things

Things are no longer ringing, and I’m not sure entirely if that’s a good thing. We shall see.

Scam Shield still says it’s blocking some calls, I’m now getting scam voicemail on T-Mobile and it appears only legit voicemail on Google Voice.

Got any suggestions?

Now all I have to do is figure out some way to have a different outgoing call number for when work calls my phone number so I can get around these telespammers.

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5 thoughts on “My last ditch efforts at maintaining my phone number

  • Avatar of Patrick Holloway

    This is interesting and also absolute maddening. Sorry you’re dealing with this. I’ve luckily never had any issue between my GV and mobile number.

    I use Google Phone app. It allows you to quickly block and report as spam. Have you thought about using this instead?

    • I’ve had to disable everything today. Google Voice worked fine for 30 minutes and then decided straight to voicemail for anything. Doesn’t even ring the web. Tells me I missed every call even sitting with web page and app open.

      Ever run into that? Calling the Google Voice number directly even is going straight to voicemail. I mean if it hadn’t worked for testing before I wrote this I would think I set something up way wrong, but this is odddd…

      • Avatar of Patrick Holloway


        Try going into the GV app and checking the associated phone number(s) in settings. It might be beneficial to delete numbers and then reassociate the numbers.

        Also wonder if a clear cache and storage or uninstall/reinstall might work

        • As of today it’s started working normally again. Calling my Google Voice number rings in the app, the web page, etc. Going to tentatively re-start this again… I have changed nothing since yesterday at 3.

          Ah, sometimes I love Google…

        • So when my phone is forwarded to the Google Voice number it’s going straight to voicemail that’s on GV. When you call the GV number as opposed to the call being forwarded it rings everywhere.

          head desk.


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