Pocketables Presents: The Ghost of Phones past

Most of us I’d assume have a drawer full of antiquated tech that we kept around because reasons. Here’s mine which encompasses about my last ten years of cell phones, but appears to be missing a couple (notably the EVO 3D with the shattered everything).

Long Halloween reference omitted because this isn’t SEO.

That's a lot of cell phones

What’s sitting in your unmarked, hopefully fireproof grave of cells phones past?

That's a lot of cell phones
Can you spot the upside down phones? Paul couldn’t prior to coffee.

Post your pile of phones, winner gets… no clue… I’ll think of something.

I should note that due to writing for Pocketables most of these phones were used well after they were not a primary phone, and they were used effectively past where making them a donation to a charity or org was a possibility. Several of these rode the WiMAX sunset.

Phones that I have no idea where they ended up – Treo 550/650, Kyocera something, a brick phone that I can’t even remember.

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