Stadia introducing feature that might make it useful

I had an extremely unpleasant early adopter experience with both Stadia and Amazon’s Luna and has pretty much written them off as a pretty great idea that the internet was not really able to support. I’ve got a Stadia controller sitting doing nothing (got it free,) and some Google credit, but there’s been nothing appealing to me about trying out cloud gaming again.

TL;DR – Testing out free play for 30 minutes on some titles

Google Stadia store

My problem was (and this may have been corrected,) that some of the game are great and perform great, but others – typically racing, fast twitch shooting, etc – seemed to be very bad performers. Or at least I couldn’t stand them. This is a very big problem when you’re looking at purchasing a game that’s priced between $59.99 and $100.

A game priced between $59.99 and $100 you don’t own a physical copy of and haven’t had a chance to see how it performs with your setup, whether you can play it well, or even if it’s fun has been a game killer for me.

I think the 30 minute limit on the full game may be a little low – that amount seems like you’ve got time to go in and play a little bit of campaign or a little bit of multi-player, not both. But it’s a start. At the end of the trial you’re asked if you want to purchase the game, and if you do your progress continues.

My bet is cloud gaming’s come a lot further in the last year than it had. I was cloud gaming at the start of the pandemic when everyone and their dog got online, and it was new. I cancelled my Stadia I believe in April 2020, and was on the trial of Luna and cancelled that after two days as it just didn’t work. Since then I’ve cloud gamed on my Android using my Xbox over T-Mobile LTE (not 5G) and had a better experience than I did on a gig fiber connection last year.

As this is a Google project, some of you will see the option for free trials of full games, some of you won’t, and you’ll also probably see different games.

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