Twitter now gives you the ability to remove followers

Ever have a Twitter follower who chooses to follow your every move and then complains that your every post somehow offends them, but they can’t seem to figure out they can unfollow you and let you live your life?

Possibly inspired by the events of last week during the great Facebook Migration of your tinfoil hat aunt, Twitter has started rolling out the ability to boot your followers, but not actually block them.

Here’s an example of someone complaining about something they’ve subscribed to:

Think “remove person who complains about something they have subscribed to,” and you’re here. Throw in a dash of “I don’t hate you, but your comments on my life that you’ve subscribed to annoy me, so you can now only see posts if you actively look for them.” Someone who wants to post a video of themselves complaining about darkness creeping in rather than lighting a candle.

Now if Twitter would just stop sending push notifications that there’s a tweet you should see and it’s stupid garbage of someone saying “Huh?”

If you remove a follower, they can re-follow you should they want, so be aware they’ll know they’ve been booted if they’re stalker level. However at stalker level you should probably just block ’em.

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