9 months with the Roborock S7 – quick update

I’ve had the Roborock S7 since the end of February 2021, here’s the quick update on everything that’s happened and why it’s got a home in my house.

TL;DR – still great, better than expected at this point. Ask any questions, I’ll tell you no lies.

Feb 2021 – I received a Roborock S7 for review – free to me, no obligation. As you know with the Ooler and MyFirst reviews telling unmonetizable truths on products that have issues is not something I’m particularly afraid of. As with any reviewer who has monetized links though, you should take what I say with the understanding that whatever I say, I have an interest in whether you purchase or don’t purchase this. I’m not particularly inclined to throw whatever reputation I have away on a vacuum however.

Two or three months in the main rubber brush went out. It just separated. The brush I got in as a replacement (would have been covered we think even if I weren’t a reviewer,) felt different. I’d received the unit a month or two before release and we suspect I had something up with that brush (pre-production run for reviewers / possible different brush.) I’ll tell you after the next 7 months and absolutely no noticeable use on the replacement brush with near daily use I’m thinking I got the one bad brush out there.

Rhonda’s been chugging along. Surprisingly adept at not getting stuck, which at my house is a feat. I like it so much I didn’t even rotate the S7 out to do other vacuum reviews, instead forcing my dad to take a couple of robot vacuums to work at his house and do testing.

Having changed out the main bin for an auto-empty bin I found that cleaning the unit out after every single run like the auto empty dock does, seems to be keeping the main filter extremely clean. That was unexpected and after months of daily use it’s still chugging along and looking like it’s had one or two uses.

The auto empty dock claimed about 8 weeks per bag. I’m at 4+ months at this point and we’re just about to need to change the bags. I mean obviously your experience will vary based on a variety of factors, but mine has been that it’s surprisingly adept at suction even though it’s nearing 3/4th full. Also that it packs the debris down pretty well with the suction it has.

The one item on the Roborock S7 showing wear is the mop pad. It’s about time for a replacement at 9 months. It’s smoothed itself out from vibrating all the time during mopping. Still works, but it’s shiny.

Rotating side brush, man it looks new. I don’t know how it looks new. I see what that thing goes through. I’ve worked with a lot of vacuums with similar. It claims I’m over halfway through the life on this, nope. Filter claims I’ve got 20% remaining – nope. Main brush claims I’ve got 82% life remaining on it – you know, I’ll buy that. There’s no damage evident however. Dust bag 0% life left – eh, no… about 15-25% I’d say.

Anyhow, let me say daaaaang Roborock… you made nearly the perfect vacuum/mop combo. I’ve worked with a better mop, and I’ve worked with a slightly better vacuum, but for all around, including being a device my wife decided to name and personalize, Roborock wins.

Roborock has some deals coming up I’ll post them soon or you can visit their social media/web page/etc and they’ve got them listed.

You can read many of my reviews on the S7 here. Click any of the Amazon links there and we’ll get credit for a purchase. Search for it yourself we won’t. You decide.

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