A whole massive lot of uninteresting going on now – ideas?

It seems there’s nothing other than rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22 and talk about the new Google Pixel out there, and I can’t tell you how little interest I have in scraping the bottom of the news barrel to reblog that stuff these days (if that’s your think and you’re looking for an outlet, contact me.)

I talked to a content creator I know and we had an interesting discussion on what I’d like to do going forward with Pocketables, going to see if I’m capable of handling this but the short of it is my incredibly verbose reviews summed up in tick list and a one minute or less video at the top followed by the word spaghetti I throw on the blog.

I’ve found a couple of tech reviews called one minute reviews, none of which made it under three minutes it looks like, and I’m sure that’s because the videos are not profitable unless you spend 30+ seconds introducing the video “hey guys, it’s Paul again with this week’s sixty second video where every week we do a short video that unless you count the beginning and the end has about 58 seconds worth of content and blah blah blah blah <actual content> and if you liked that video please like and subscribe and follow us on social media and here’s a 60-second outtro”

Now, the format above is generally done just because there are certain length requirements to get advertising. A 28 second video doesn’t got a minute’s worth of advertising revenue (or any for that matter.) But that’s really not what drives me (the advertising revenue keeps the lights on and buys me a 4 pack of Guinness Draught every week or two, but no) – I generally like playing with the items I review, if just to let people know whether they’re good or not.

While I’ve always attempted to slap a TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) summary when it’s possible, I’m going to attempt to box it into some sort of rating/meter/score one glance and then you can see whether it’s worth reading the usually couple hours long effort it takes to do a simple review (nothing in comparison to the weeks-long ongoing reviews and looking so fashion wearing two watches or doing Roomba Balloon fights.)

Anyone inclined to come up with something other than a number in a box for an at-a-glance item let me know. If there’re any other sites doing what I’m thinking of doing and it sounds like I’m just copying them, let me know. I can’t find anything that gets it down to under a minute, doesn’t accept advertising / isn’t shilling, and yeah… that’s about it.

Trying to keep Pocketables from suffering the Paul King curse (got elected head of a meetup group and watched as it died, elected head of a neighborhood org and watching it die because I refused to meet during Covid times, etc etc…)

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