Amazon Appstore broken on Android 12

According to Android Police the Amazon Appstore is effectively shot on Android 12 due to a problem with digital rights management and the Appstore.

The issue was acknowledged almost five weeks ago and as of now there’s still no fix evident.

Without Amazon’s DRM working some apps can’t start. While no fixes, there are workarounds that basically involve cracking your apps (which is against the terms of service, the DMCA if you’re in the USA, and local intellectual property protection laws.)

This currently probably affects relatively few people (those who straddle both Google Play and Amazon Appstore, plus custom ROM users who are on Android 12 now for months,) but it’s astoundingly bad when a company that wants to destroy Google by using Google’s software, slapping their own app market up to get developer dollars, and effectively using other people’s products to make money can’t even get it together to get their DRM fixed within a month of an extremely publicly available Android release.

Amazon is going to take Android 12, recompile with their Amazon Fire Bloat and tracking mechanisms, and sail off while taking processing fees for purchases and in-app transactions. You’d think they’d be ready for a major change to the OS that everyone has access to for months, especially if you’re planning on doing what Amazon always does with Android (call it Fire something, sell it)

I had … not high hopes, but some hope that Amazon would push the marketplaces, most recently when news that it was going to have the Appstore in Windows 11 for the Android/Windows merge.

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