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Space Takeover: Over City fits right in with my love of games where you’re a dot and you take over other dots to defeat a level. Similar games (in my warped mind,) are Triveral, Auralux, Clash of Dots, Cell Expansion Wars, and pretty much anything where you level up by pushing dots into a dot and taking your dots and dotting other dots.

TL;DR – pretty fun dot takeover game, minimal advertising, some in-app purchases that are not required to at least level 889.

In Space Takeover however it’s spaceships, usually in the form of attack ships (2 dot damage,) normal (1 dot damage,) or healing (one dot that can take out 2 dot ships, provide 2 health, or 1 attack).

I’ve played nearly 900 levels of this game now. I started at the time it was advertising only, later on they added some purchase options but I’ve found no reason to purchase anything (although I have let some ads play for a shield a few times…) it’s a quick figure out how to play the level and start attacking/building or you lose pretty quick game. While you can pay for power ups, you can also watch an ad, or up until level 260 or so I always found a way to beat the level without resorting to power up measures.

Game review - Space Takeover: Over City
Above image – what me (blue) losing badly looks like.

While it is advertising supported I don’t think I’ve seen over a 5-second ad post levels in a long time. This however could just be my experience. If you want to watch an ad for a powerup, you’re looking between 5 and 30 seconds with 30 being the norm. Most levels that I’ve run into that required a power up generally took one or two to defeat. Most times I had battery power, at least in the early levels.

Space Takeover: Over City

You earn battery power for conquests on each level, which allows you to purchase power ups.

If you’re into pretty casual dot takeover games, want a game with minimal intrusive advertising (at least for me so far,) check it out. They added some purchasing features sometime after I was 400+ level in, so the start may have changed and it may be a horrible game for people now, but at level 889 I’m still playing this thing.

Download: Google Play

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