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Give yourself the gift of less spam today for free!

It’s the Cyber Monday following Black Friday following Thanksgiving and tomorrow’s Giving Tuesday and then there’s like seven thousand emails coming in to tell you about gifts to give your loved ones and then there’s the notifications that you still have time to get this by Christmas Eve and save Christmas and then there’s going to be the “Give them the gift they didn’t tell you they wanted until Christmas” and then the after-Christmas sales and then some lame emails about ringing in the New Year followed shortly by every manufacturer telling you what they released at CES 2022.

Unsubscribe. Do it. Doooooo eeeeeet. I mean, don’t do it from obvious spammers because they’ll just use that to sell a verified email account to a list, but yeah get off that email list that New Balance put you on at the mall.

Email flood from Pixabay

I mean, you can do what evidently most people do and spend the rest of your days thinking “no, I don’t want this,” and then deleting the email without hitting the unsubscribe… or you can press that unsubscribe button.

Oh yeah, and if you don’t want to be seeing things like when Pocketables or a web page opens, unsubscribe from notifications. The easiest way is to open the site, right click in the address bar where the lock or unlock icon is, choose site settings, reset permissions (or find the right permission).

Getting overloaded from Windows Notifications? Fix ’em.

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