Gizmodo claims it’s releasing the Facebook Papers

Thousands of documents, memos, chat logs, and the like are expected to be published that were leaked with the intent to convince law enforcement and regulators to actually do something about a service that records show knew it was harming people, and yet kept chugging along as though nothing were wrong.

And nothing’s going to happen except your friend Steve who has been claiming Facebook was evil the entire time will point to them, having skimmed a couple of paragraphs, and say “seeeeee?” Also the advertising revenue will be astounding.

Beyond privacy reasons, the documents require additional review to ensure that we aren’t just handing criminals and spies a roadmap for undermining what controls Facebook does have in place to defend against propaganda that spreads lies, hate, and fear. That would undermine any benefit the world stands to reap from this act of whistleblower justice.

Gizmodo’s statement 11/22/2021

That Gizmodo is committed to publicly releasing unredacted data but hasn’t yet means a couple of things – that they haven’t yet is because they’re making sure that nothing they release is going to include references for how to take down Facebook and steal your aunt’s recipes she has on Friends-Only.

The other reasons is … to get you coming back to Gizmodo again and again checking to see if something else has dropped.

I fully expect another news outlet to just dump the Facebook Papers whole and complete for advertising revenue. Er, wait, I mean in the interests of truth, accountability, and responsibility.

Of course there’s no Facebook anymore, only Meta. So too late.

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