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How to fix: Microphone muted after a few seconds in Google Meet

Windows version issue – today I had my first Google Meet fail, and that was caused evidently by Chrome and Windows 10 getting into some sort of fight over permissions.

So to start off, the problem was exclusively with Google Meet on the system I was working on. Zoom fine, WebEx fine as far as we know. The issue is Google Meet would start to work, then the microphone would be muted between two and 30 seconds later. The button would say that Windows had muted it. There were three well known answers for this that didn’t work (skip to item 4 if you’ve tried them already).

TL;DR – just skip to 4 and look below the video link and try that. You’re an IT superhero.

If a fix works stay on this page for a minute so our bounce rate for giving you a quick answer doesn’t penalize us for giving you a quick answer. If it doesn’t, let us know what does. Images when I can get to a Windows 10 machine, or never.

Solution 1) Microphone Privacy Settings in Windows 10

Settings, search for Microphone Privacy Settings, make sure allow apps access to your microphone is on. If it’s on, turn it off and back on again. This didn’t work for me.

Solution 2) Allow Chrome to record audio

This would be if you’re mute all the time, not if it works and then doesn’t. On Chrome look to the left of the address bar, right click the lock and choose site settings. Make sure it’s set to ask or allow.

image 3 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

This probably isn’t your solution.

Solution 3) Uncheck mute in system/recording settings

Since it was working for a few seconds, you know this isn’t going to be the issue. Sound settings, microphone, properties, should be a muted speaker (even though it’s a mic) click that and viola! Works for another 20-30 seconds.

Solution 4) Reset microphone settings

This is what worked for me, give the video a watch or read the instructions below the video. Video’s not ours, just linking to it, two minute video at most and you can skip 52 seconds of it:

Windows 10 – Sound settings, scroll down to “Advanced Sound Options” when you click there should be a button that says “Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults” – click that.

That was our fix.

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