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I was pinning this to the top of Pocketables this week and posting the emails, but got boring. Readers – probably nothing to see here other than Paul putting a post down to point an average of 126 people who spam a form letter to us that this is at the literal top of Pocketables and cannot be missed.

Hey there company that wants to collaborate with me on a promotion for your client. I thought by having a “guest post” page on the contact us I might get through to y’all what we’re interested in (real people’s perspectives,) and not interested in (linkbuilding word spaghetti, gambling sites, unrelated stuff.) We’re interested in people with ideas on tech and thoughts about the future and maybe how to make the present easier, not gambling and SEO building verb salad.

I was wrong. None of you appear to read that or even use the contact form having just scraped my email from a list. Even on the non-guest post contact page it says if you’re contact about a guest post read the guest post guidelines.

Businesses tend to scrape sites for the words “guest post” and then send a form letter “long time reader, want to collaborate with you, blah blah blah, what are your rates?.” I even put a stamp on every single page of this website in the top right in red indicating that we don’t accept paid guests posts, reviews, etc.

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This has been there for the past two years

I went on a vacation last week, and my Pocketables inbox is filled with people wanting a collaboration (spamvertisements mostly,) and then hitting me back up as many as 4 times last week as to why I didn’t get back with them. Yeah, sorry dudes, national holiday, you blind dropped an email based on scraping, I don’t owe your spam mailer a response, etc.

So, this is posted at the top of the website starting November 29th, 2021. If you contact me with the standard “long time reader, love your content, I’ve got a client” and I’ll post your email and form letter in the comments. Maybe your clients are interested in how you’re spamming potential contacts?

To be absolutely clear – Pocketables has no interest in link exchanges, SEO building, advertising your client, editing a 13 year old article to point to your guide, tossing out ideas about what you should write, one-off link insertion, paid reviews (I mean I’m not opposed to taking money to do a review, but if you assume it’s not going to be disclosed or that it’s going to be a positive one for your client based on what you pay or don’t pay me you’ll be mistaken.) etc.

Pocketables does not accept targeted advertising, phony guest posts, paid reviews, etc. Help us keep this way with support on Patreon!
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