Two weeks on the not great S21 Android 12 update

Two weeks ago Samsung / T-Mobile rolled out the S21 Android 12 update. Since then I’ve had just about every possible problem. From the phone locking up and no way evident to get it to reboot / holding buttons didn’t seem to do anything, to apps stopping working completely (Boldbeast, couple of games,) and more recently to some sort of loop where I unlock the phone, then then biometric unlock stops working, unlock via pattern, then get a biometric unlock prompt, unlock via thumbprint, swipe to open screen and then the phone locks and turns the screen off requiring me to press the power button and it works again.

I didn’t even know Boldbeast Call Recorder was shot until I went in today to pull a time from a conversation I’d had earlier… that’s probably on them, but apps I trusted and used are crashing, usually without any warning. Services disappear like they’ve been wiped with a task killer.

Random speedups and slowdowns, odd connection handoff issues that I’m not sure what’s going on (such as refusing to connect to a network saying forever that it’ll reconnect when the service improves, but never does).

It’s been a rough one in terms of stability and performance, but survivable. Reports tend to indicate a fix for several of the issues I’ve encountered is coming out, however with how many issues and who’s responsible for each (Samsung or Google,) it may be a while.

If you haven’t updated, I’d advise you to put it off as long as you can. While some good will come of it some weirdness keeps on keeping on.

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