GameSir T4 Mini review – a kid sized game controller

We had a preview earlier, and then a series of events that involve tornado level winds, Christmas, and kids not being allowed to test product/play games a couple of times… but finally got to testing out the GameSir T4 Mini game controller.

The T4 Mini comes in at 5.63 inches wide, 3.27 tall, 2.09 inches deep. Contrast this with an Xbox One controller that comes in at 6.02″ wide, 4.01 tall, and 2.4″ deep and you’ve got a controller that’s about 90% of the size of a normal one.

I can’t say too much on this, it’s not a controller that fits in my hands, it’s even on the smaller side for my 8 year old, so I’m going by what a 6yo who thinks she’s a gamer mentioned during use.

image 35 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Note that from this angle you cannot see any button letters.
The unit is wireless, it’s charging in this photo.

The lights are pretty, the letters are hard to see – the buttons are glass/plastic and depending on the viewing angle are hard to see what letter it is. Although as a gamer you should know them by heart. You can’t easily feel for the buttons in the center. It fits her hands, the grip isn’t perfect according to her (I assume she means deep or textured.) Colors pretty, distracting.

That said, this is a review by a 6yo who’s total experience is two controllers. A Switch and an XBOX. I did not metric her performance in games before attempting this review, but I would say it didn’t noticeably hurt or help in comparison with other things.

It pairs, it plays, the battery lasts for days, works with Android, Switch, or PC. Probably iPhone, Mac, etc. My youngest kiddo has her own phone-connected game controller.

image 36 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The GameSir T4 Mini is not for me, my hands for once are too large. That said, it’s not aimed at me and your smaller-handed friends, or children, might enjoy it.

As someone who’s played with the best controllers out there, the thumbstick feel annoys me. The D-Pad is fine. The center buttons require looking at. But oddly all in all it sort of reminds me of the feel of the original Nintendo controllers. It’ll handle it.

We played a whole lot of games that didn’t have rumble features over the past week and cannot comment on rumble, or how far away the Bluetooth works beyond 14 feet.

As the not-targeted audience of this I can say it’s a controller, it works, appears to be a perfect size for smaller hands, and is priced about right.

The GameSir T4 Mini is available from Amazon for about $36.

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